The Dangers of TikTok Trends

Eating TIDE pods, licking unbought ice cream for unsuspecting shoppers, or high schoolers destroying school bathrooms. All of these have become extremely popular trends on Tiktok and other social media outlets, yet these can prove to be incredibly dangerous and even cause death, and for what? To go viral and have millions of people see you at a simple swipe of a finger.

Hashtag What? Understanding TikTok Lingo

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep up with all the modern slang, social media lingo, and words your kids are using. Here’s some for TikTok that may help you out.

5 Tips for Social Media Safety

These days, it’s almost impossible to spend a day on social media without encountering some potential security issues: scams, privacy leaks, and fake follower requests just to name a few.