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As a parent, it can be difficult to keep up with all the modern slang, social media lingo, and words your kids are using. Here's some for TikTok that may help you out.

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TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps today. Its fast-paced, short content is enticing, addictive, and easily becomes consuming. While it can be used safely, there are plenty of dangers to be aware of.

Knowing and understanding the lingo used by the app will enable you to have more informed conversations with your teen.

The Lingo

  • “For You” feed. The For You feed is curated to fit each user’s interests and behavior. As kids interact with the platform — watching videos, searching for keywords, and exploring new hashtags — the algorithm mimics their preferences and serves customized content.
  • “Following” feed. Just like it sounds, the Following feed displays the TikTok accounts that are following your child. It’s a good idea to ensure this list only contains friends or people your child knows.
  • Challenge page. Challenges encourage users to record themselves doing something humorous, vulnerable, or difficult and share these videos — persuading other users to do the same. Most challenges are tame, but others promote harmful behaviors or could cause serious injuries.
  • Discover page. The Discover page is where kids find new and exciting content. Trending hashtags, videos, creators, and sponsored content congregate on this tab.
  • In-feed ads. Unlike ads on other video apps, TikTok ads are nondescript. In-feed ads look just like regular TikTok videos, and automatically play as users scroll through their feeds. For example, advertisers might feature well-known influencers to promote popular video games or beauty products.
  • QR code or TikCode. TikTok gives every user a unique TikCode to make it easier to follow each other. Instead of manually typing in a person’s handle, kids can swap profiles by pulling up their TikCodes and asking friends to scan them like they would a QR code.
  • Duet and Stitch. Duets are two TikTok videos playing in a split-screen format using the same audio. Stitch offers another way for users to add their own flair to someone else’s content. You can clip and “stitch” together scenes from another person’s video to make an entirely new video. Stitch is only available for TikTok users who are 16 years of age or older.
  • TikTok Live. Similar to Facebook or Instagram Live, TikTok Live lets users interact in real time. Creators use this feature to communicate with their followers. Brands may use Live for sales or giveaways. Live is only available for users over the age of 18.
  • Reactions. Within TikTok, users can record their own videos of themselves watching another person’s video. The idea is to show their spontaneous reactions to a video — whether it’s surprise, laughter, or shock.
  • Hashtags. TikTok hashtags operate the same way as those on other social media apps. Using hashtags, users can discover trending content from accounts and users whom they haven’t yet followed.